Monday, September 27, 2010

Time = MUSIC

After a good break in Prague I am back in Bahrain with an extra week off of work, and that means more time to churn out the chunes! I decided to dedicate this time to my collaborations, because they allow me to get out of that 4/4 beat comfort zone I keep hiding in.

For now there are three exciting projects I am involved in that i will be concentrating on:

1. Collabo with Ahmed Alsairafi - I've known this guy for a long time and have always respected his guitar shredding skills. He helped me out with some guitar overlays for a mix I did for the Thirst DJ competition and also provided the guitars and bass in my track "Talkbox20". I was asked by Ahmed to add a a drum beat to a track from his archives called "State of Mind" and so far it sounds very promising! I literally JUST sent him the first un-polished draft sample.

2. Project MAYHEM - If you're a Bahraini Metal-head then you definitely know who THEE PROjECT are. I have been a proud fan ever since the first few demo tracks Ano and Necrohead hammered out of rage! Ano gave me the opportunity to remix the track "AbuRiff" and it landed me a spot on their album, and was a real fun project for me! Now Ano and I are experimenting with a crazy, angry matrimony of ROCK and TECH. So far two tracks in progress, both sounding VERY promising!

3. We haven't named this project yet, but that's because we haven't started yet! Tomorrow, Eyad and I will be flirting with the underground sounds of DUB. We're aiming for a spectrum that ranges from Trip-Hop to Heavy Dub Step. This project will definitely require some vocalists so if you're interested please give either of us a holler and we'll give it a shot.

This week is passing too fast for me to keep up so I'm going to try to squeeze as much out of my lazy muse as possible! My virb page is down so for now stream my music off of my facebook page or ask me for a download.

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