Friday, October 29, 2010

A Little Faith in Indigo

So I am in the middle of a number of very interesting projects right now, but today I'll be revealing one in particular. I found out my friend Eyad Ebrahim is an avid fan of dub step and trip hop and his love of the genres has made him long to start learning to produce tracks in those styles. I too have been greatly interested in this corner of the electronic music scene, with a lot of interesting stuff coming out of the underground UK step scene. I got especially interested when I noticed a lot of D'n'B artists moving towards dub step. And so Eyad and I decided to start a project: Indigo Flow.

Now ages ago I got vocals sent to me by Ameera Ali, another local aspiring artist. The direction I went with was trance, and I was not happy with the results to be honest. So the other day I started thinking of ways to work with the sample and not let it go to waste, and decided to take the plunge and try a dub step number.

The result. The first Indigo Glow track.

Indigo Glow ft. Ameera Ali - A little Faith In Me (Demo) by zainal

It's just a demo version, as the vocals were not professionally recorded and the music is unmastered, but the jist of the track is already there. Comments highly appreciated!

Watch out for Ameera Ali she is going to be a star.

If you want to collaborate with me just send whatever samples you want to my dropbox on soundcloud and I will gladly be of service!

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