Thursday, November 11, 2010

Orderly Chaos

I mentioned before a project I was working on with my friend Ano666 from THEE PROjECT. It was previously named Project Mayhem, but since there is already a band with that name, we decided to call it something else:

ANARCHISTATION (all credit goes to Anwar on this one).

I like it! It's chaos and troublemaking, but it is designated a place. Orderly chaos, my music production methodology. I live by it, why not get a name that fits it?

The sound we are going for is the harder nether-regions of the metal and electronica mash-up soundscape. We have two tracks in the works, one 90% complete, the other 60%. A third is on the way.

Once we complete 3 tracks we will be ready to share the mayhem with the world. STAY TUNED!

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