Monday, June 20, 2011

Two New Tracks!

So I didn't get the chance to go across the bridge to get myself a new PC, nor did I go past the research phase of buying a new pair of headphones. I also didn't get round to recording any mix-sets.

HOWEVER: I DID produce a couple of tracks in the last 3 weeks!

First track is called "Plush." It's a feel-good progressive tech-house track that I composed with Ibiza in my mind. You can imagine the size of the smile on my face when a couple of my listeners said the track took them to a beach, in bikinis, with drinks in hand!

Ed Buzzerk - Plush (Original Mix) by zainal

The second track is called "Bridgette Jones." This is a dirty electro house track, best described as a pumping heap of over-side-chained funk. I added a little dubstep ditty in the middle, just for good measure. The track was inspired by a fellow twitter user that tweeted the vocal sample "I will not be Bridgette Jones" and answered my call for recording the sample and sending it to me, creating this MONSTER.

Ed Buzzerk - Bridgette Jones (Original Mix) by zainal

I'm pretty happy with how my music is going now. Hope fully the next few projects are going to be even better! I have a classic prog rock Bahraini band remix project with my buddy Adel Jamal of DiscaL, dubstep video-game BGM remixes and MORE!

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